The Workout

by ~ October 25th, 2013

boxing lessons

Duarte v. Famasito Gomez.
Durate won on points.

If you are just looking for a way to get into great shape, consider this, many experts say that boxing is one of the most physically challenging sports out there, so if you’re going to do this, why not do it right?   You’ll get a much better workout and you’ll have a lot more fun doing it!


Ultimately, your going to learn how to box and train the way a real old school pro did back in the days when fighters prepared for fifteen round championship fights, but first, you must learn boxing basics

Your First Ten Boxing Lessons

In your first ten lessons, you will learn basic footwork, punches and defensive  moves, such as blocking, slipping, weaving and ducking. I won’t just show you how to do it, I will break each move down to its rawest form. By the end of your first ten lessons, you will have developed a feel, a sense and an understanding of why they refer to boxing as the sweet science

Your Second Ten Boxing Lessons 

In your second ten lessons, a group of lessons I refer to as “from the dressing room” is where you will learn what some of your favorite fighters do as they enter the gym floor.



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