Boxing Lessons – Don’t Procrastinate Any Longer!!

by ~ February 3rd, 2014

Whether you want to be a professional boxer some day or maybe you’re a big fan of boxing who wants to know what it’s like to box and train like a professional fighter I will give you the authentic methods to achieve your goals.

Come with the DESIRE TO LEARN….

I don’t do aerobic boxing fitness classes, boot camps, or any of the other programs a lot of gyms offer — I SPECIALIZE IN TEACHING BOXING.

You’ll benefit from learning boxing techniques from a professional boxer whose career spanned over 16 years! Whether you’re interested in training for your boxing career or just want to get in the best shape of your life my boxing lessons will help you achieve your goals. The instruction focuses on teaching you the fundamentals and necessary technique while giving you an amazing workout.

You will definitely see results!!

You will be motivated and be pushed to your limits, but, this challenge is what will give you the results you want.

Don’t procrastinate any longer!
Give me a call at 310 567-6794 to set up a consultation and get started.

Lessons provided at Fortune Gym in Hollywood. Easy access from Culver City, Los Angeles, Westwood, Brentwood, Westchester, Mar Vista and Santa Monica.

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