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by Frank Duarte ~ November 26th, 2013

The Guard

by Frank Duarte ~ November 26th, 2013

Frank Duarte vs. Bernardo Pinango

by ~ November 19th, 2013

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Frank Duarte vs. Jesus Salud

by ~ November 19th, 2013

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Frank Duarte Boxing Record

by admin ~ November 12th, 2013

Frank Duarte Boxing Record

Boxing Record Click Here

Golden State Boxers’ Association at the Fights

by ~ October 25th, 2013

By Michele Chong

It was a knockout night for a spirited group of former champions, prizefighters and boxing aficionados at Saturday’s Goossen Tutor Promotions “Boxing Before Dark” fight night held at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Calif. Here’s my exclusive report on the Golden State Boxers’ Association (GSBA) gathering at the HBO card featuring heavyweights Chris Arreola vs. Bermane Stiverne in a WBC elimination bout.

The local GSBA crew were the special guests of promoter Dan Goossen, who has known many in the group for years. The veteran promoter had attended the recent GSBA awards banquet where his former champions Gabe Ruelas and Rafael Ruelas received recognition for their ring accomplishments. It was at this luncheon that Goossen invited the Golden State group to come out to the April 27 fights. New GSBA President Bill Dempsey Young and his wife LInda Young both told me what a gracious and generous offer this was by Dan and that they were very honored by this invite.

The Youngs have long been involved in boxing; Bill’s father is famed referee Dick “Tiger” Young and Bill and Linda’s on RC Young is an amateur fighter.
And it was a KO crowd as the GSBA members congregated outside the venue before heading in to catch the action.
“It was a great day!” everyone on the GSBA team said. The organization meets every Tuesday in Hollywood but this past weekend was a very special time for all as they actually got to watch live boxing together as a group.

It was also a reunion of sorts as I watched many of the members reconnect. In between the matches, the fighters were officially introduced to the audience at the Citizens Business Bank Arena. They also displayed the Golden State Boxers’ Association banner as each name was announced. Bill Young just became the new president of the GSBA when longtime president Larry Montalvo recently stepped down from the post. Both men have a mutual love and respect of the fight game and vow to continue having GSBA get-togethers, events and gatherings where they celebrate the sport. Bill and his wife Linda were joined by many boxers, family and friends at Saturday’s bash. The San Fernando Valley couple said they were thrilled to have such a great turnout of approximately 150 invited guests, courtesy of Dan Goossen and Goossen Tutor Promotions.

Linda gave me an update of the veteran fighters and special VIP guests that were in attendance. “We had so many boxers there including Gabriel Ruelas, Rafael Ruelas, Armando Muniz, Oscar Muniz, Albert Sandoval, Ruben Castillo, Mike Weaver, Art Frias, Frank Duarte, Bobby Chacon, Danny Valdez,” Linda says, “also Rodolfo Gonzalez, Paul Gonzales, Roy De La Fuentes, Paul Banke, Zack Padilla, John Montes, Herman Montes, Alex Ramos, Andy Price, Abe Gomez and Robert Ortiz.” Famed jockey Laffit Pincay Jr., football player Efrain Herrera, WBC Supervisor Joe Noriega, Trudie Latka, Carol Steindler and Marv Enquist also joined the boxers. I also saw former fighters Ronnie “The Dragon” Essett and Tony Bellard at the fights, and World Boxing Council (WBC) President Jose Sulaiman and WBC Supervisor Rudy Tellez were also represented at the Goossen Tutor card where the fans witnessed stunning knockouts in the co-feature bouts as well as a 12-round battle between Bermane Stiverne and Riverside’s Chris Arreola. After the matches, uncrowned welterweight champ Mando Muniz said he really enjoyed seeing everyone and thanked Bill and Linda Young and the Goossen family. Former WBC Bantamweight Champion Paul Banke also told me what an exciting day it was for everyone. “I got to see everyone and catch up with the other fighters, thanks to Dan Goossen” a smiling Banke said. “This was so cool of him to do this for everybody; it really brought everyone together!”

Frank Duarte speaks about his great Fighting Career

by ~ October 25th, 2013

Frank Duarte speaks about his great fighting career as it started in Los Angeles Valley fights. Duarte tells fight fans how fights like these at the Sportsmen’s Lodge help make him and many others the become great and well known fighters.

Frank Duarte Knock Out Clip

by ~ October 1st, 2013

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Only If You Really Want To Learn How To Box

by ~ September 1st, 2013

Whether you want to be a professional boxer some day, or maybe you’re a big fan of boxing that wants to know what it’s like to box and train like a professional fighter I will give you the authentic methods to achieve your goals and to learn how to box.

I don’t do aerobic boxing fitness classes, boot camps, or any of the other programs a lot of gyms offer — I SPECIALIZE IN TEACHING BOXING.

Strictly Boxing Lessons in Hollywood

Over the course of my professional career, I had 56 fights, I fought the tens, the twelves and the fifteen rounders, but better than that,  I fought in an era when boxing was still in it’s golden years.  During the late 60′s till the end of the 80′s produced some of the best fighters of all time.  All those dingy gyms like the ones you see in the movies were where you could see the champions and world contenders,  all sharing the floor at the same time.  Those gyms were full of old school trainers, teaching their tricks, their moves, using their analogies and words of wisdom to build and mold their fighters.  Man!! those guys were great!!

I learned a lot from those old trainers and through my own experience as a boxer, I see boxing, “the sweet science” as it’s known, is starting to sour a bit.  Today there’s a lot of trainers, but not enough teachers.  That has motivated me to pass on some of what I’ve learned over the years to YOU. Boxing Lessons in Hollywood

Boxing Lessons in Hollywood, Culver City, Santa Monica, Mar Vista, Beverly Hills and surrounding area.

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